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1. Lawyer certification. Many clients need a Chinese lawyer to witness signature or certify documents for that many countries do not acknowledge the notarization of a Chinese notary public but only the certification done by a Chinese lawyer. We did a lot of such legal certification, such as personal identity (Chinese identity card and/or Chinese passport), residence, parent-child relationship, property ownership, etc.

2. Investigation and verification. Many enterpreneurs want to cooperate with Chinese merchants or enterprises but they do not know each others, we can investigate and verify your potentional partners in China.

3. Commercial/civil assistance. Many foreigners need a Chinese lawyer to accompany him/her to do negotiation with a Chinese counterparty in order to solve a dispute or reach an agreement. We did a lot in our legal work for nearly 20 years. We also accompany clients to conduct civil affairs.

4. Document drafting. We draft legal documents such as contracts, non-disclosure agreements, non-circumvention agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc. for merchants and we draft other documents such as pre-marital agreements for people.

5. Expert opinion. We provide legal expert opinion as Chinese law expert.

6. Other services. Please write or call us to discuss, see whether we can serve you.